• ‘brujas’ with diva cruz

    Today, Diva and I release ‘Brujas,’ the first track from a new EP together on the Dekmantel label. 

  • björk and rosalia remix

    from coral to oral!

  • Coral EP is out

    this is music for relaxing or focusing on doing something else

  • Coral music video

    made with family and friends in Brazil last year

  • Coral

    my first release of 2024

  • Live show with Diva Cruz at Dekmantel

    Me and Diva Cruz have made some music together…

  • Crack Mag Interview

    everything from my musical upbringing, The Knife, Oni, Souvenir and my return to making tracks and DJing

  • Jan-March 24 DJ Dates

    Here is where you can find me DJing in January – March next year 😀

  • Rosa Rugosa EP

    Very excited to announce a 3-track release is out today on Hessle Audio.

  • Crack Playlist

    A playlist for Crack Magazine with some music that I’ve been listening to last couple years