‘brujas’ with diva cruz


Today, Diva and I release ‘Brujas,’ the first track from a new EP together on the Dekmantel label. 

I’m very excited about sharing this music with the world especially since it’s been a few years in the making. I’m very grateful to work with Diva. She has showed a new world of music to me and I feel like I keep evolving and learn new things all the time, especially with our new live show when playing percussion together. This music is also the first time Diva has sung! 

Diva has some words on Brujas to share too! 

“I dream of empowering everyone who feels outside the box with my lyrics. It is so sad to see children singing and dancing to music made by male artists whose lyrics degrade women, and on top of that, they win prestigious awards while doing so. I dream of a better world, especially for Latin America, which needs to change the macho perspective and work together for a better world for everyone.” – Diva Cruz

Listen to Brujas here – the full EP will be released on June 28th. Pre-order the 12″ vinyl at my bandcamp page 

Single Cover Art 3000x3000 1