Coral EP is out

Process 001

The Coral EP is out today on ad93 – listen here

The music on this EP was made with a piano that was left in a flat I moved into. I had never played the piano before, and wasn’t so into the sound initially but I put some duct tape and felt over the strings to make it sound as quiet as possible. This resulted in a more intimate sound, less like a piano and more like a harp or even a bit electronic. On top I play a bird whistle flute that usually is completely random with the water inside so I put an autotune effect on it and can select which notes I like it to play. Often piano music can be a bit serious so I thought it would be fun with some cute surprises like this bird flute. 

I think this is music for relaxing or focusing on doing something else but it also has a narrative, I think it tells a story. It’s like film music but without the pictures and the story is told in the music. Usually when I make music, both dancier and calmer stuff, I like when you’re brought to different places within the song, that it feels like a journey or a little film with different scenes.

Sharing some process pics from making the music, the cover and Coral music video; all very homemade:)